Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cunningham and Petit: Wildly Obsessed

I recently saw two fascinating documentaries, Man on Wire and Bill Cunningham New York. Both films are about people who are so committed to their life passion, that it borders on obsessive behavior. 
Bill Cunningham is a street style photographer for the New York Times. For over fifty years, he has been snapping photos while riding his bike around the city. Mr. Cunningham wears the same blue smock each day while he documents the latest fashions. 

Photo from NYT

Philippe Petit is a high-wire artist who walked across the Twin Towers in 1974 after years of planning the  illegal feat. The film is magical and Mr. Petit's enthusiasm will rub off on you.
Photo from Gothamist 
Have you seen the films? At what point does a passion become an obsession?

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