Monday, March 5, 2012


We're back from an amazing vacation in beautiful Belize! We arrived at Chaa Creek, an eco-lodge in the jungle along the Macal River. For the next four days, we went caving, canoeing, and climbed ruins
We stayed in a huge villa with friends, awakening to the sounds of birds around our screened hut.

After a jungle adventure, we headed out to the coast for some relaxation. As we were picked up from the dock for the 10 minute water taxi ride to the resort, the driver called ahead to place our drink orders so they were ready when we arrived!
At Matachica, we lounged around our chic beachfront casita and enjoyed the laid-back luxury of the resort. 
Belize is a beautiful country with warm, welcoming people and a diverse landscape. The whole week felt like our own private getaway!

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