Sunday, November 18, 2012

30th Anniversary

After years of pizza parties, sleepovers, and endless wish lists, I figured it was time to return the favor and throw my parents a soiree they'd never forget. For their 30th wedding anniversary, I attempted to surprise them by having an intimate lunch with close family and friends. 

The party was held at Brook-vin in Park Slope, where the whole restaurant was closed for our 3 hour party. It's a sweet wine bar with a delicious menu and a great backyard. On the menu for the party were tartines, mac and cheese, and mini pulled pork sliders, in addition to more yummies. 

 The all important cake was from nearby Betty bakery. The perfect place for a special occasion treat!

Take home treat bags from the favor box on Etsy were filled with Trader Joe's lemon heart cookies.

My favorite picture was the first attempt at a group photo. We couldn't stop chatting!

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!

Have you ever thrown a surprise party? How did you handle the suspense?!

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